Sunday, January 18, 2009

Happy Anniversary

On Tuesday, Jasen and I will celebrate our 8th Wedding Anniversary We have had good times together; building our family and having fun along the way.We have been blessed in so many ways since that day. We had Easton six weeks before our 1st anniversary and things have been going fast paced ever since. I feel so lucky to have found someone just right for me. Some things I love are:
*He is so talented and can fix anything.
*He works hard at everything.
*Everyone loves to be with him.
*He is a great husband and father.
*He puts up with my sass quite often.
*He gives me his honest opinion.
*He takes good care of me when I'm sick.
*We can laugh together about anything.
Thanks Jas, for being you!


Chesney said...

Two people extremely in love. or Lust?

Carrie said...

Happy Anniversary! It's been fun to see my friends fall in love and make a life for themselves. You look happy and I couldn't be happier for ya!

hydee ann said...

ahw, so sweet. i didn't know you had a blog or even still possibly read mine. but i was exploring the stats page and came across your link. fun!

and a guy who takes good care of you when you're sick is worth keeping!